Stargate will have to live on in our hearts

stargate-castAfter about 10 years on TV, the iris has finally shut forever. There will be no more travelling to distant galaxies. There will be no more “remember me I was MacGyver” moments from O’Neil. Sam Carter will not be there to fill us with hope. Daniel Jackson won’t be there to teach us all about weird languages and the practices of alien civilizations. And perhaps more saddening, there will be no more Teal’C. Instead, these actors will move on and probably be working on putting all the money they’ve earned into their gold IRA accounts.

More the end of an era

I don’t think that in the history of telivision science fiction has there ever been such a great show. Sure, the trekkies will claim that nothing beats Star Trek. But that would be missing the point of Stargate and the mission SG1 were sent on.

The reason why SG1 was so special is that the adventures the team went on were direct and they had no idea if they were getting thrown into the heat of a battle or if they would encounter friendly societies. The enterprise could scan planets and area of space before investigating them. But SG1 were always dropped somewhere they had absolutely no prior knowledge of. Top that off with the fact that the Stargate is inherently a two way street, and you’ve got a recipe where Earth’s prosperity could at any moment it was opened be threatened. Oh, and O’Neil over Kirk ANY day of the week. I mean, you can’t out MacGyver MacGyver.

The timing was right

Now I’m not talking about the timing of the show ending. Nobody actually wanted that. But throughout the years it was running, there wasn’t really a science fiction show that could really rival it. Star Trek was kind of in a slump after the fantastic Voyager, and all the Battlestars and Babylons just couldn’t compare.

But ultimately it was the characters that made the show. I, know, I know, duh right? The interactions between the snide O’Neil and the impassable Teal’C were quite possibly some of the best in television history.

You will be sorely missed

Not since Firefly ended have I been so saddened by the end of a show. The fact that Firefly managed to give me that feeling after just one season is impressive, but that might be due to the “dead hero” effect. On the other hand, SG1 lasted an impressive 9 or 10 seasons and it seems that it just never slumped. Most shows get repetitive and lose what ever made them great to begin with after a few seasons. But not SG1.

Now it’s off to figuring out what will I replace this show with. I don’t think I’ll be able to. I will have to grieve and move on to other things. The hard part will be expecting that same warm fuzzy feeling that Stargate left me with.